Clergy Fashion Statements

While reading Jessica LaGrone’s Set Apart, I came across this interesting factoid about prophetic garb:


Which made me wonder: how is it today that clergy let you know what they do by how they dress?

For sure, in the liturgical tradition, it’s involves a collar, a robe, and a stole … sometimes even all three.

In the “low church” traditional setting, it’s still suit and tie.  No polyester, please.

And in the modern church setting it is, of course, skinny jeans.


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  • Kathy stout says:

    I like that you do not wear the cloak and robe. That sometimes makes the Preacher seem better and higher up than the flock. We are all the same and you are a messenger for the word of God. You are the same as us, only you have studied the word of God and we are still learning.

    Thank you Talbot


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