Why I Love My Blog. And Why I Hate It.

I’ve been at this for eight years now.  Five days a week.  Virtually without fail.

Here’s my very first post, promoting a 2008 series on the book of Revelation called NUMB3RS:

So I love my blog.  Until I hate it.  Here you go.

Why I Love My Blog:   It’s how the people at Abingdon Press found “Head Scratchers,” which along with “The Storm Before The Calm,” “The Shadow Of A Doubt,” and “Solve” are now bible study books.

Why I Hate My Blog:  It’s 10:30 at night and I have to get this ready to post tomorrow.

Why I Love My Blog: It’s how I let you know some of my idiosyncracies, like two pair of socks every day, a 5 p.m. second shave of the day, and cottage cheese for lunch every day.

Why I Hate My Blog:  You all continually ridicule me for the idiosyncracies I confess.

Why I Love My BlogSometimes my words encourage Methodist preacher friends who feel that their perspective isn’t often heard or affirmed.

Why I Hate My BlogSometimes my words alienate Methodist preacher people who don’t like my views at all.

Why I Love My BlogOn Top Five Tuesday, I usually talk about matters having little or nothing to do with church or faith or the bible.

Why I Hate My BlogTuesday comes every week.

Why I Love My BlogMy Texas family can keep up with me this way.

Why I Hate My BlogMy Texas family can keep up with me this way.

Why I Love My Blog:  Sometimes I work out heavy theological issues on it.  Click here for one I’m most proud of.

Why I Hate My BlogThoughtful posts like that take a long, long time to get right.

Why I Love My BlogIt has, without a doubt, made me a better writer.

Why I Hate My BlogSometimes I don’t write good.

Why I Love My BlogThrough its links on Twitter & Facebook, it helps the people of Good Shepherd stay much more connected to the church.

Why I Hate My BlogIf I miss a day, I’m convinced people will lose connection to the church.

Why I Love My BlogYou’re reading this.

Why I Hate My BlogIt’s now 10:50 p.m.





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