The Church IS A Body And The Church IN One Body

During a hospital visit some time ago, a young woman said quietly to me, “I like the church because there are all different races there. I wouldn’t want to go to a church that was just all white or all black.”

Music to my ears, of course.

And then she said something that has layered my thinking all week: “It’s important to me that the church be multi-ethnic because I’m multi-ethnic.”

I’d never thought of it in such tangible terms before.

Here is a young woman who embodies so much of what we want to represent.

In her body — her very blood — she has influences of different races and cultures. And these days, she’s committing all that heritage and all that history to walking with Jesus.

I simply had never considered before how one person can be a microcosm of what we want to be as a church.  Full on, full color.

So let worship here reflect the full color spectrum of worship in heaven.

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