The Lord Sustains

Psalm 3:5 says this:

I lie down and sleep,
I wake again,
because the Lord sustains me

The most mundane activities of human existence — falling asleep at night and waking up again in the morning — given to God.

I have to say, I never think of it that way.

I just assume I’m going to sleep and that a certain number of hours later, I’ll wake up.

And yet that routine, taken-for-granted pattern is all by the Lord’s sustaining hand.

So if the Lord sustains us in that, imagine all the other ways he sustains.

When I am in despair over the future,
the Lord sustains me.

When I am in doubt about the present,
the Lord sustains me.

When I have regret over the past,
the Lord sustains me.

When I am powerless in the face of temptation,
the Lord sustains me.

When I am confident in my direction,
the Lord sustains me.

When I am on the moutain or in the valley,
the Lord sustains me.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.

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