I Stink At Hospitality

Whenever I have taken those spiritual gift inventories, I score high on the gifts of teaching and healing.

And low on the gift of hospitality. As in it is the opposite of a spiritual gift for me. It is a spiritual burden.

So Monday, I led a meeting with five of our staff. At my house. That’s a source of joy for some people. It is a source of stomach upset for me.

But that’s why we did it — to stretch me. So I did all these things that don’t come naturally at all: bought food, set it out, turned on coffee, put on music, and even got a board game (Cranium, if you must know) to get us going. The only thing I forgot was fragrant candles to make the room smell nice.

That’ll be next time.

The meeting went well. I think the atmosphere even had something to do with it.

So think of something at which you stink. And then go do it.

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