While You’re Reading This . . .

. . . I’m on my way to Nashville, Tennessee, where my wife Julie and I are taking our daughter Taylor back to college at Vanderbilt University.

Taylor will be a sophomore there. Yes, I’m proud she was even accepted at Vandy. And yes, I’m proud that she made the Dean’s List both semesters as a freshman (excuse me, as they say in politically-correct college land, “as a first-year student.”)

And yes, I’m partial to her look:


Anyway, when we dropped Taylor off in Nashville last year to begin college, I went through a couple of weeks of deep sadness. Melancholy. She’d been so much in my life, I was so glad of who she had become, she had this quietly-wicked-sarcastic sense of humor that made me laugh, and suddenly she was far away. I remember late August of 2007 as a crummy time.

I’ll probably do better this year. I hope.

How do changes and good-byes impact you?

Either way, I’m back on Saturday for Thrive Alive and then eager to wind up the Things Jesus Never Said series with you on Sunday morning.

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